TS2000     Flexible Statistics    
Via Internet, arvato services can provide their cooperation partners with exact information about the individual phone on its way through the repair process.

When a phone is received for repair, the data of each specific phone is registered in the service system together with other relevant information such as the customer number of the cooperation partner, an error description, the reference number of the cooperation partner and the work card number (arvato services reference number).

During the repair, the technician adds information about faults found, spare parts consumption etc.

When the repair has been completed and the phone is to be returned, it is done through postal business service - such agreements are made with local postal partners in all countries. Every parcel is given a bar code enabling us to trace the parcel all the way to the recipient.

arvato services gives the cooperation partners a password for the service system, called TS2000:
  • Quotation for repair / possibility to accept the quotation
  • How long the phone is in the repair process
  • Date when the phone was sent from arvato services
  • Date when the phone was delivered at the destination
Additionally, TS2000 offers the opportunity to print reports with statistical information requested by the cooperation partner, if so desired.

The information could be:
  • Brand and type of the phones sent in
  • Number of repairs per brand, per type or in total
  • Average repair times
  • Sender of the phones
  • Statistics for a given individually defined period
  • arvato services can implement other specific data into the system
  • For statistical processing, if the cooperation partner so desires

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